Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greetings to everyone

Intended to write. Blog writers should write. But it is often difficult. Trying to write a really troublesome. Preparations must be made before. For example, an interesting photo ... A non-contrast photos or interesting ... Your computer should also be ready. Update should not be doing that stuff. We should be away from things to avoid.

I'm hungry as I usually write. I think it is more efficient. After writing something I'm eating with relish. The need to protect my form. But do not neglect the necessary proteins.

I can not take good photos if I need to criticize myself, I realized that. Get. This will also improve over time. I am aware of that: I am now becoming a blog author. There's also advice you need. The emphasis on what you know, I try to read them carefully. Photos more pleasing to you, more beautiful. I have photos of the old machines have certainly influenced me. Whether I'm still happy with this photo of the machine.

Day goes by so quickly. Summer is over. Autumn began. I love autumn. People fall into the round. Finds himself the opportunity to listen to. I hope you're like my photo. Important for my criticism of you.
Greetings to everyone.


ramy_v said...

I understand your plight as well, sharing the angst of what might be found interesting. Keep up the good work.

Houston Daily Photo

Leif Hagen said...

I like hearing from Istanbul! Someday, I will go there, too! Thanks for your photos

Miss Blümchen said...

Muradiye Caddesi, near Altınoğlu Baklavaları, Sirkeci???

Amin said...

Good day!
There are a lot of beautiful photos in Your blog.