Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Empty streets and punk spirit

I'm here again. A new photo and a new post. I like the streets are empty? I also like the empty streets. Empty streets as a tramp, I like to move too. And sometimes the shop window to look at the shops full of things to find a desired ... How nice. The weather is fine today. Out of that was in the street. I looked into shop windows. How to write a bummer if I like that I've been wandering around the streets. Good to come visit me. I sat in a cafe, I've listened and I sipped my coffee. There were newspapers on the table, I looked and I read them.

They contain a stray soul inside blog writers. To write the person relaxes. Need to write.

Waiting for you to write your comments. Thank you in advance.


Inverness Daily Photo said...

It does not look SO empty. Hope you enjoy your coffee.

Amin said...

I like the empty streets,too.