Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Empty streets and punk spirit

I'm here again. A new photo and a new post. I like the streets are empty? I also like the empty streets. Empty streets as a tramp, I like to move too. And sometimes the shop window to look at the shops full of things to find a desired ... How nice. The weather is fine today. Out of that was in the street. I looked into shop windows. How to write a bummer if I like that I've been wandering around the streets. Good to come visit me. I sat in a cafe, I've listened and I sipped my coffee. There were newspapers on the table, I looked and I read them.

They contain a stray soul inside blog writers. To write the person relaxes. Need to write.

Waiting for you to write your comments. Thank you in advance.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greetings to everyone

Intended to write. Blog writers should write. But it is often difficult. Trying to write a really troublesome. Preparations must be made before. For example, an interesting photo ... A non-contrast photos or interesting ... Your computer should also be ready. Update should not be doing that stuff. We should be away from things to avoid.

I'm hungry as I usually write. I think it is more efficient. After writing something I'm eating with relish. The need to protect my form. But do not neglect the necessary proteins.

I can not take good photos if I need to criticize myself, I realized that. Get. This will also improve over time. I am aware of that: I am now becoming a blog author. There's also advice you need. The emphasis on what you know, I try to read them carefully. Photos more pleasing to you, more beautiful. I have photos of the old machines have certainly influenced me. Whether I'm still happy with this photo of the machine.

Day goes by so quickly. Summer is over. Autumn began. I love autumn. People fall into the round. Finds himself the opportunity to listen to. I hope you're like my photo. Important for my criticism of you.
Greetings to everyone.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Or write to get used to...

Forced isolation. If you live in a crowded city, but it will not be considered alone. If you have good friends around you that would be even better. People want to be with loved ones. While all modern societies, only those living in Istanbul, much like we are not alone. Their friends are around and this is gratifying.

I'm glad to live in Istanbul. I can live it the ideal city. You can have all the historical periods in a day here. Imperial Rome, Byzantium and Islam.

The most striking observation is enough to look at the work of Islamic period. In Islam there is an aesthetic beauty. Not easy on the eyes. Have depth. The appearance of the wall of the mosque takes you to another world of your own moves. Sea that the sea here, with all the beauty you carry from past to present. You will not feel lonely in a crowd. People will treat you with a warm and friendly...

All blog authors in the world in here is worth seeing. If you want to write books again, have not you will be in Istanbul. Here you'll find yourself. If you're looking for.

Modern societies may be accustomed to living alone. Or it may be complaining.

Now I'm home and I'm drinking my tea. Send my most sincere greetings to all bloggers here I am. Please accept.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am here or where are you?

I love the sea. At sea to give me happiness. I especially enjoy an even more is in place inside the ship. The sea is said to be very happy. Sky blue, sea blue and you are happy, the only thing you need to do now is to give praise to God. He presented to us that such a sea and sky for such.

Today, after my adventure with the sea that I'm back home. People were happy to have a house that is nice. Just had coffee first. I went over the sea so that his drunkenness. I turn on the television. I watched the news. I listened to the weather in another television channel. I went to the balcony. I gave the birds feed. I stretched my hands to spread. Myself, "Fine," I said.

Now your face with the writing of this blog. I am here or where are you?

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice but not enough

Today was a day a little annoying. Although it was a beautiful day in my place I was. Sea, as usual, was beautiful and inviting. Although not a very enjoyable day was my day went well, when I think I'm good reviews.